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Anonymous: So my butt is basically flat, I'm 16, and I hate it so much. What can I do other than run to make it rounder and less flat? How many squats a day? Thanks!

Firstly if I were you I’d be signing up to a gym and seeking advice from a personal trainer.

However in your instance I would also suggest simple bodyweight exercises:
-Squat Jumps
-Pistol Squats
-Step Ups
-Glute Bridges
-Isometric Holds

Then when things are getting serious at a gym it’s not a matter of how many squats per day. The only thing you’ll receive by doing that is a little muscle endurance, light weight; high reps. 

You want it bigger and rounder? If so you need to be looking at the hypertrophic rep range - 8 to 15 x 3-4 sets

If you are going to reach that you need to lift heavy. Roughly 70-75% of your 1 repetition max.

There’s a lot to learn but start easy body weight and increase the challenge as your body adapts.

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Sure thing! If any followers could suggest a few influential people I can post, that’d be great!

Yeeah buddy! 3×230kg (506lbs) partial squats!

An extra 15kg (33lbs) + 2reps on my previous best last week.

The Iron Hug:
As the bar bends over your shoulders upon lifting it out of the rack.