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I believe we all have a moment in our lives when we become upset with who we are as a person. I also believe no matter how tough and hard it may feel, there’s always better still to come.

We all too often forget to look back at how far we’ve come because we’re stressing about how far we still have to go.

Stop stressing about what tomorrow has install for you and remember; today is the day you become better than the person you were yesterday.

(via shesquats)

You meet someone.
You two get close.
It’s all great for a while.
Then someone stops trying.
Talks less. Awkward conversations.
The drifting.
No communication whatsoever.
Memories start to fade.
Then that person you know becomes that person you knew.
That’s how it usually goes, right?
Sad isn’t it.

Knocked down and feeling alone.
Replaying scenarios over and over.

You don’t let it get to you.
You’re strong.
You’re focused.
You’re determined.

Now you stand up and move forward.
Find your passion and give it everything you’ve got.
Find the strength within yourself & others will follow.

No one will understand, you’ve just got to do it.

—    (via shesquats)